Wakesurfing Board Companies

Brigade It’s more than just surfing… It’s a lifestyle.

Phase5 All of our boards are handmade in Venice, Florida.

Blusurf  Custom performance wakesurf boards.

Doomswell Doomswell Boarding Co.

Parker Surfcraft Custom wakesurf boards

Kanuk The one and only Canadian Wakesurf company bringing you quality boards at competitive pricing. made with blood, sweat, and maple syrup.

Black Revolt Black Revolt Wakesurf handcraft premium custom wakesurf boards in France. Black Revolt Wakesurf manufactures skim and surf style wakesurf boards of the finest quality handcrafted in France and USA. The components of our boards are carefully selected by our shapers in order to use only the best ones and offer premium wakesurf boards.

O'Brien Year after year, wakesurfing gains more and more momentum and it’s easy to see why.

Idol Whether you’re new to wakesurfing or an advanced wakesurfer, we have a board for you.

Ronix Always Striving to create and innovate the wake industry

Hyperlite The original Wakesurf board was introduced by Hyperlite over a decade ago. Today, the Hyperlite wakesurf collection offers high end performance and construction options for the best wakesurfers in the game and entry level wake surf boards for those jumping in to catch the endless wave.

Liquid Force Check out the wakesurf tech!

Indoor surf training

SurfsUpNh This is how Jake Caster went from amateur to pro in just two years! Now one of the top wakesurfers in the world.  Come learn tricks 10X faster and then transition it to behind the boat or in the ocean.

Training Equipment

Sycktrix Will help you practice your favorite moves indoors or outside without the need for a boat, ocean or skate-park Video-1, Video-2


Mission Gear We strive to make boating accessories that help you get the most out of your day. It's all about having fun with friends and family so we're here to help make it as enjoyable as possible. 

Wakesurf Edge Give your boat the best wave it has ever experienced with the Wakesurf Edge Wake Shaper.

NautiCurl WakeSurfing - Wake Shaper 

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