Informational Articles and Videos

Phase 5 Team Tips


Members of the Phase 5 team demonstrating everything from getting up to nailing your first backside 360.

How To Wakesurf with Sean Murray and Noah Flegal


Shaun Murray and Noah Flegel take you through the basics to get you going and give you some terms that will help you fit right in with the crew on the boat.  

Emily Agate Instagram Lessons


How to videos featuring a wide variety of surf style tricks. New videos every Wednesday.

Boarders Magazine Pro Tips


Boarders Magazine is by boarders for boarders. Delivering all the latest news, articles and videos for wake surfing, standup paddleboarding and more. 

How To Set Up Your Boat For Wakesurfing

How to setup wakesurf boat

An article discussing the basics of surf wake setups – wake creation, ballasting, speed, and adjustments.

Best 15 Beginner Tricks


A countdown of the top beginner tricks that you should be learning ASAP!

Hunter Sims - Wakesurf Tips

wakesurf tips for speed

Wakesurf Carving Tips

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